Trail Of My Tears

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Everyone goes through situations that can potentially make or break them. For Falen, the youngest of six, she never lost sight of what she needed in her life. After the turmoil between the walls of her home, she finds herself in a series of critical deflation. Falen's brothers, parents, and her lonely life come crashing ten-fold. With too many tears shedding along the way, the only thing that keeps Falen afloat is HOPE. Idris pressures to do all the right things but strained by doing all the wrong. His loyalty lies untested until unraveling the disappearance of his friend leaves his mind boggling. His future weighs between making something out of life or just being another boy fallen to statistic. The battle within leaves Idris stranded, and the concrete below is quickly hardening. Too many tears have shed without time for the earlier ones to dry. In the end, it’s who's there to pick up the pieces. Follow the journey of Falen’s STORY and see who is truly BEAUTIFULLY UNBROKEN
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