Jay: Philly's Own Prince

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Knowledgeable to all aspects of the street, Charlie, Jay's father, fed Jay's mental with all he knew that went on in the streets. After witnessing his father's gruesome death, Jay revenged two of the three men responsible until the third guy rose from the grave.

Jay is the guy some wants to be or maybe wants dead. Lyric and Jay find themselves in yet another mission in the streets of Philly. When their past comes literally knocking at their front door, they both are confronted with a mystery that can possibly leave either or both dead. When Jay's mother has a brush with death by someone who has it out for the couple, Jay and Lyric both has to resort to old ways to relinquish the brewing steam from someone's heart. All bets are off when it comes to the game and nothing is what it really seems. Death comes knocking and life seems to spin them both in circles. Will this dark cloud ever see sunshine or will HELL's gate finally open up and welcome the PRINCE and PRINCESS into a hot fiery flame?

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