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Lyric: Philly's Own Princess

Lyric is a popular young lady from Philly's public housing, Richard Allen. She suffers a spiral event that leaves her hanging by threads from disloyalty, dishonesty, betrayal, and rape. Losing touch with reality, Lyric is blind-sided by pain which leaves others staring down the barrel of her 9-MM.


Jay is the Prince of Philly and gets what he wants by any means necessary. Crossing him, you might as well hand your balls over on a silver platter. When Jay enlists Lyric's help in return for lavishing business expenses, neither Jay nor Lyric estimated the gravity of the two coming together could collide.


With Motives of his own, Jay's secret may deter his future from having one with the love he seeks. So, what happens if one was disloyal to the other? Would Lyric put her 9-MM to use or would Jay send her body to the morgue? Love has never been so deadly, and friendships have never been so crooked.

Jay: Philly's Own Prince
Final Installment

Knowledgeable to all aspect of the street, Charlie, Jay's father, fed Jay's mental with all he knew that went on in the streets. After witnessing his father's gruesome death, Jay revenge two of the three men responsible until the third guy rose from the grave.  
Jay is the guy some wants to be or maybe wants dead. Lyric and Jay find themselves in yet another mission in the streets of Philly. When their past comes literally knocking at their front door, they both are confronted with a mystery that can possibly leave either or both dead. When Jay's mother has a brush with death by someone who has it out for the couple, Jay and Lyric both has to resort to old ways to relinquish the brewing steam from someone's heart. All bets are off when it comes to the game and nothing is what it really seems. Death comes knocking and life seems to spin them both in circles. Will this dark cloud ever see sunshine or will HELL's gate finally open up and welcome the PRINCE and PRINCESS into a hot fiery flame?

Portrait Of A Hata: Zeal & Free

Zeal unexpectedly falls for Free, who Janet also has eyes on. Without knowledge of Janet’s obsession with Free, Zeal’s relationship flourishes while Janet is forced to watch behind the scenes. When Janet’s hate becomes strong for her friend, Zeal, she resorts to measurements below her pay scale to focus on the attention of a man whose sole intention is to build something with the first female who’s ever captured his heart. 


A portrait speaks a thousand words, but when the hate is real, those thousand words could manifest into a wealth of pain for some. Haters plan to hate, while lovers become paranoid of the death that looms around them.


Lyric: Philly's Own Princess 2

Lyric discovers who she truly is as she faces hurt like never before, and betrayal like you wouldn't believe. She soon realizes that death just isn't at her disposal when she loses the two people who loved her most. God stated, "If you love something more than me, I'll take it away."


Jay maintains his lifestyle until he's temporarily placed in lockup. With the help of Lyric, Jay comes home, but at what expense does it cost him when Lyric realizes Jay was the enemy all along?

Trail Of My Tears

Everyone goes through situations that can potentially make or break them. For Falen, the youngest of six, she never lost sight of what she needed in her life. After the turmoil between the walls of her home, she finds herself in a series of critical deflations. Falen's brothers, parents, and her lonely life come crashing ten-fold. With too many tears shedding along the way, the only thing that keeps Falen afloat is HOPE.


Idris is pressured to do all the right things but is strained to do all the wrong. His loyalty is tested. His future is pressed between making something out of life or just being another boy fallen to statistic. The battle within leaves Idris stranded, and the concrete below is quickly hardening. Too many tears have been shedding without time for the previous ones to dry. In the end, it’s who's there to pick up the pieces. Follow the journey of Falen’s STORY and see who is truly BEAUTIFULLY UNBROKEN.

Portrait Of A Hata 2: Zeal & Free

Zeal's shaken up after finding Free's body just outside her home, riddled with bullets. After trying to resuscitate him, she intuitively receives inclination that the people surrounding the man she loves aren't who they appear to be.


Free, freshly out of a coma, learn that hate comes passionately from someone who has chosen to honor with loyalty. After receiving proof of a friend’s disloyalty, Free quickly tries to regain the upper hand before his life is stripped away.


Zeal will cross thresholds that have never been passed, and Free has to do the unthinkable if he expects to have a future with the love of his life.